Sometimes it’s so easy.
Sometimes it’s just not.
Sometimes it costs twice as much
As everything you’ve got.
Sometimes it goes slowly,
Sometimes way too fast.
Sometimes it’s the right time;
Sometimes it’s half past.
So don’t take it for granted;
Give it all its due.
Just don’t wait til it’s over
To ask “what is it to you?”

swirl initials


W. C. Fields and Charles Bukowski Walk Into a Bar

W. C. Fields and Charles Bukowski walk into a bar. The bartender says, “What’ll y’have?”

Fields says, “M’boy, I’d like two fingers of your finest misanthropy with a shot of vitriol and a splash of bitters in a glass rimmed with salt from the dried tears of crying babies.”

Bukowski ponders for a moment, then says to the bartender, “Make that TWO Reasons to Live.”