Inside My Head

Someone is throwing
Cats against sheet metal
Down in the basement
Inside my head

Somebody’s shuffling
Way off to Buffalo
Shoes made of Styrofoam
Inside my head

Inside my head
Springs are uncoiling
In co-llaboration
Inside my bed

Fat man is straining
To tie his bootlaces
Asthmatic bull terrier
Inside my head

If I could just summon a samba
From some South American puerto
The surf on the shore
Oh yes, por favor
Turn up the Astrud Gilberto

Instead in my head
Argentina is burning
Unhappy customers
Inside my head

The wind in the willows
Is uprooting lumber
It’s raining splinters
Inside my head

Guitar boy from Wantagh
Loves Eddie Van Halen
Practicing “Jump”
Inside my head

Carnival squeezebox
Calliope sideshow
Two-headed chimp argues
Inside my head

I guess I could be like my sister
Who hears country music and hymns
I’d sleep through the night
But at dawn’s early light
I’d chew off all four of my limbs

One day I’ll go digi
Plug in a cable
A port in my head
To inside my head

I’ll output the circus
Put it on iTunes
Come one, come all, witness
What’s inside my head!

They’ll pay their good money
For downloads and streaming
Blogs will blog “Genius…
Inside his head!”

And with my new money,
Connections and power
I’ll buy a new head
For inside my head

A nice quiet head
For inside my head

Just me and Astrud
Inside my head

Everything… ahhhhhh





In Case You’re Asking


Because there is comfort in acknowledgment and appreciation, and knowing that your experience of loneliness can mitigate mine – and vice-versa.

That’s why.


With attention to detail and nuance, a great deal of empathy, a desire for shared joy, not to mention laughter and music.

That’s how.


Just about anything, really.

That’s what.






Definitely you and me, and, I hope, just about everyone else.

That’s who.


So?  You good with that?