To Whom I May Concern

I’ll keep this correspondence
Charitably terse
For if you knew me better
You might know me worse


Although I fear the above is true, I am hoping otherwise.

So, for starters, here’s a picture of a space car and a space woman, because what says “enjoy” more than a space car and a space woman, especially when she’s arriving for a visit?

space car and girl

…Or maybe she’s packed up and leaving you or someone you care about. Maybe someone you care about a lot. So maybe her leaving someone you care about a lot is a good thing, because here’s your shot. In any event, I hope it’s cause for celebration, even if it’s only for the space woman. Because someone should be having a party.

Now that I’ve gotten the important business out of the way…

I’ve created this site to share new conjurings as well as older writings, songs and what-have-you from my work and play.

And if I am posting what-have-you, I’d like to know how I ended up with what-you-have, because space isn’t cheap, not in New York and not on the Internet. And who knows what space woman is paying for her new digs?

So please enjoy at leisure and/or random or find what you’re looking for and let me know if you have any questions or answers.

David sig 2

And since you’re here, please enjoy this wonderfully odd remix of Little Muriel, an episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog I wrote. It was posted on YouTube by DisneyGirl4ever and I think it’s hilarious.

5 thoughts on “To Whom I May Concern

  1. Great characters! Dementedly pixilated. Give us more! Like the twisted take on pop culture. Mid century space lady looks a little like Keely Smith. Views on current vids and shots of celebratorial individuals posted on You Tube and Instagram??? Bet it’ll be good!. gotta remember your link so I can work it into blog and all…


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